Flocking in Rust with Piston

Wikipedia states that flocking is a behavior exhibited when a group of birds, called a flock, are foraging or in flight. Flocking simulation are basically softwares which simulate this flocking behavior of birds. The original algorithm is developed by Craig Reynolds in 1986.

Secure localhost with MkCert and Go

mkcert is a simple utility tool written in Go to make locally-trusted certificates with ease. This tool makes setting up https server for localhost easy as pie.

Markov Text Generator and Myanmar Language

So what exactly is a markov chain?

In its simplest term, a markov process is a chain of events where the next state depends ONLY on current state. There is no relation between the future and the past state. For example, in a fibonacci sequence, you have to add current number and the number before the current number to get the next number. Hence, fibonacci sequence is not a markov chain because the future state depends on both present and past state.